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Anuga 2019: The Perfect Ten

By Steve Wynne-Jones
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Anuga prides itself on offering ‘ten trade shows in one’, but the event also plays host to a myriad of conferences and events, covering every aspect of the food industry. ESM reports on a trade show structure like no other. This article first appeared in ESM Issue 5 2019.

Regular visitors to Anuga will understand why the show is considered a one-stop shop when it comes to innovation in the world of food and beverage, and organisers Koelnmesse pull out all the stops to ensure that it is kept up to date and relevant when it comes to the latest trends in the sector.

As the benchmark-setter for food trade fairs internationally, at the core of Anuga’s strength is its ten-trade-shows-in-one concept, first implemented in 2003, which has evolved over the years to reflect the changing nature of the industry. Each trade show is also curated meticulously, to ensure that both new and established subcategories within the various sectors are well covered.

Anuga’s multi-trade-show positioning means that each visitor can “gain an overview of the international offer tailored to their field of expertise,” says Anne Schumacher, vice-president of food and food technology, Koelnmesse GmbH. “Each trade fair is unique in its product segment, and showcases products, services and innovations relating to the required specialist segment. Throughout its century of existence, Anuga has always succeeded in creating a great mix between small and medium-sized companies and world market leaders – always in tune with the times, showing the trends and innovations over the years, and also venturing into the future. No other trade show in the food business worldwide unites innovation and business [within] the same scope.”

Anuga Fine Food

Anuga Fine Food is the largest of the Anuga trade shows, showcasing a comprehensive and diversified offer from all over the globe. Around 97,000 visitors attended this show the last time out (as well as more than 3,000 exhibitors from close to 80 countries), to discover the latest innovations in delicatessen, gourmet and quality foods.

The Anuga Fine Food trade show is also home to the Anuga Halal Market, presenting new-product innovations that correspond to Islamic dietary rules. According to Innova Market Insights, halal-certified food is gaining traction across the world – while two thirds of all new halal products were introduced in Asia in 2018, Europe, Africa and the Near East are also seeing sales rise. Globally, the introduction of new halal products was up 10.7% last year.

Anuga Fine Food is also likely to focus on the growing functional/free-from food and superfood categories. In 2018, some 23% of new-product introductions carried some sort of a free-from claim, according to Innova Market Insights. Of these, 58% claimed gluten-free qualities, while 30% were aimed at the vegan market. In terms of superfoods – a market that experienced 12% annual growth between 2014 and 2018 – the fastest-growing categories are pumpkin seeds (+34%), sunflower seeds (+21%), quinoa (+14%) and linseed (+14%), according to Innova.

“Anuga Fine Food is the most important platform for delicatessen manufacturers, importers, and their customers from the food trade and catering industry,” says Schumacher. “For buyers from the trade and the out-of-home market, there is no better inspiration than Anuga Fine Food, due to its diversity and internationality. Many national pavilions illustrate the specialities of their nation and underline these with product presentations and live-cooking. At Anuga Fine Food, one can really take a journey to the saucepans of the whole world.”

Anuga Frozen Food

The frozen-food segment is one of the most important trendsetters within the trade, as well as in the hospitality and foodservice markets. With a growing demand for ready-to-eat solutions that are both healthy and delicious, innovation within this category is at an all-time high, and more than 600 exhibitors are expected at this year’s trade show, showcasing their latest product developments.

Some 65,000 visitors attended the last Anuga Frozen Food, in 2017, of which more than three quarters (78%) were key decision-makers within their respective organisations.

According to the German Frozen Food Institute (DTI), which partners with Anuga on both the Anuga Frozen and Anuga Culinary Concepts trade shows, the strongest trends in frozen food at present are convenience and health, while the new trend towards alternative proteins also wouldn’t be possible without the frozen food sector. ­­

According to DTI, volume sales of frozen foods in Germany rose to 3.77 billion tonnes last year (up from 3.73 billion tonnes in 2017), while turnover went up by 2.8%, to €14.75 billion. Last year, the consumption of frozen food in Germany rose to an average of 93.4 kilograms per household (92.8 kilograms in 2017), while in the out-of-home market, turnover was up 3.4%, when compared to the previous year. DTI will be hosting a special frozen-food lounge at Anuga.

Anuga Meat

More than 1,000 exhibitors from 50 countries will be in attendance at the largest-ever hosting of the Anuga Meat trade show, which, as well as focusing on meat, sausage and poultry, will also provide an extra focus on the growing meat alternatives market, as well as vegetable-based substitutes that contain proteins. National pavilions from Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, will be present at a trade show that welcomed more than 64,000 visitors last time out.

This year’s Anuga Meat is also likely to place a high value on traceability and sustainability, with Innova Market Insights noting that there has been a more-than 10% increase in the introduction of meat products boasting ethical credentials. Growing trends towards flexitarianism, as well as the rise of alternative proteins (including insects), are also likely to be addressed at the show.

Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food

Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food, which incorporates the convenience and food-to-go segments, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables and fish, is likely to be a popular draw at Anuga 2019 – last time out, some 58,000 visitors attended the show, along with more than 100 exhibitors from 24 countries.

As traditional mealtimes become less common, consumers are seeking healthy, tasty to-go snacks in practical packaging – expected to receive a particular focus at Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food. According to Innova, within the ready-to-go segment, a number of other trends are at play – last year, one in four ready-meal and to-go product launches were gluten-free, which corresponds to an average annual growth of 37.2% between 2014 and 2018.

“The market for chilled convenience products and delicatessen has been able to considerably raise its profile over the past few years,” says Schumacher. “Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food will offer interesting new products and show trends that are state of the art. Visitors can expect fresh pasta, which is among the most popular convenience products, fish products, pre-cleaned and pre-prepared salads, ready-made sauces, marinated vegetables, sliced fruit, freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and dairy products, ranging from ready-made cheese platters to desserts.”

Anuga Dairy

Anuga Dairy is your one-stop shop for milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter and associated dairy products, showcasing both domestic and international expertise. In 2017, Anuga Dairy welcomed 56,000 visitors, of which more than two thirds (77%) were decision-makers, underlining the importance of this show to the international dairy sector.

Of particular note at this year’s event will be the rise of alternative dairy products, such as lactose-free, cereal-based and nut-based beverages, as well as the role that dairy can play in gut health, through cultured milks and kefirs, for example. Anuga Bread & Bakery

Anuga Bread & Bakery is the leading bread and bakery event in a country that knows a thing or two about the category: Germany boasts close to 180,000 businesses devoted to bakery – more than any other sector.

As well as bakery products, the event also plays host to a range of jam, honey and preserve exhibitors, as well as the burgeoning gluten-free segment. In 2017, Anuga Bread & Bakery saw 60,000 exhibitors through its doors, of which 76% were key decision-makers, as well as 427 exhibitors from 34 countries. Expect similar if not higher numbers this year.

Anuga Drinks

The only beverage fair that caters to the entire drinks spectrum, Anuga Drinks incorporates beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as juice concentrates and purées.

A wide range of on-trend beverage concepts and new flavours are set to be showcased at an event that welcomed some 74,000 visitors last time out – close to two thirds of whom were key decision-makers within their businesses. Thirsty work, you might say.

Anuga Organic

Such is the growth in popularity of organic and bio products in the food sector at present, coupled with a growing awareness of health and the environment, that this year’s Anuga Organic trade show is expected to be the biggest yet.

Research from Innova indicates that there was an 11% increase in new-product introductions boasting organic certification between 2014 and 2018, while the range of new products that can be classified as organic rose from 8.8% in 2014 to 10.5% last year.

Europe remains the hotbed for organic product innovation, accounting for 58% of all organic products launched last year, followed by North America (22%). The fastest-growing category within organic is snacks, Innova notes, with an average annual growth of 18.6% between 2014 and 2018.

“The rising consumer awareness of organic products and widening availability are two major drivers of global growth,” says Schumacher. “Looking at the rising demand for smaller meals, pre-packaged organic food and healthy snacks, this category will definitely be one that gets a lot of attention. Consumers choose organic products because they believe and trust that the food is better for them.

“We also expect further growth of high-quality organic products, especially when talking about target groups, such as millennials. Growing consumer interest in health, animal welfare, sustainability and ethics are making plant-derived ingredients and products more popular,” she adds.

In 2017, Anuga Organic welcomed 2,580 exhibitors, up from 2,030 exhibitors in 2015 and 1,796 exhibitors in 2013 – a sign of the category’s rapid growth. In addition, some 63,000 visitors were in attendance last time out – a number that is expected to rise for the 2019 edition.

Anuga Hot Beverages

Anuga Hot Beverages showcases the broad product variety and unique business opportunities within the tea, coffee and hot-beverage sectors, both for the at-home and out-of-home markets. The growing trend towards tea infusions will be well represented, as will convenience formats, such as coffee pods and capsules.

In terms of trends to watch out for, Fairtrade is now an established part of the lexicon within the various hot-drink categories, but there are still opportunities for growth. According to Innova, the number of new products showcasing a Fairtrade certification rose by 6% between 2014 and 2018.

Anuga Culinary Concepts


The Anuga Culinary Concepts trade show demonstrates widespread innovation within the foodservice and hospitality markets, as well as the latest technological innovations for the sector. Within this show, the finals of two of the leading culinary talent competitions – Chef of the Year and Patissier of the Year – will be held on the Anuga Culinary Stage, while a diverse and wide-ranging conference programme will also take place.

At the 2017 edition, Anuga Culinary Concepts welcomed 149 exhibitors, more than half of which (56.4%) were from overseas, as well as more than 33,000 visitors.

Boulevard of Inspiration

As well as boasting ‘ten of the best’ when it comes to trade shows, Anuga also plays host to a range of product showcase areas and bespoke conferences.

Those interested in innovative/new products should make sure to visit the new Boulevard of Inspiration at Anuga 2019, which brings together the popular Anuga Taste Innovation Show and Anuga Trend Zone, with a brand-new future-focused exhibition, Anuga Horizon 2050.

“All three – [the] Anuga Taste Innovation Show, [the] Anuga Trend Zone and [the] Anuga Horizon 2050 – are basically the hot spots for food and beverage trends, innovation and future developments, which should not be missed when visiting Anuga,” says Schumacher.

The Anuga Trend Zone will see a team of experts from Innova Market Insights and Euromonitor take to the stage in Anuga’s North Boulevard, to present illuminating analyses on the latest developments in the food and beverage industry. Among the topics to be discussed are ‘Preparing for a plant-based future’, ‘Disrupted or distracted? U

Understanding insurgent brands and new business models in food,’ and ‘Holistic health through the ages’, as well as a look at the megatrends shaping global food consumption.

Elsewhere, the Anuga Taste Innovation Show, which is hosted on the North Boulevard, in front of Hall 7, will feature the most important new-product innovations of this year’s show, based on the findings of a comprehensive survey of journalists and market researchers.

Anuga Horizon 2050

As we look forward to a new decade, and at a time when the future health of the planet is an ever-pressing topic, a new addition to the Boulevard of Inspiration, Anuga Horizon 2050, will exclusively address the future of food.

The food sector is facing the largest transformation in its history, and Anuga Horizon 2050 will attempt to shed insight on the disruptive innovations that will have the most impact, and how sustainability and efficiency in food can be sustained in the long term.

“With our new special exhibition, Anuga Horizon 2050, we are going to have a platform that is focusing on the future of food for the first time,” says Schumacher. “Visitors can inform themselves about the visions and solutions for the next 50 years on all days of the trade fair, and also engage in an active exchange with industry pioneers, start-ups and experts. The aim is also to inform about new technologies, solutions, trends and innovations, and to underpin them with best-practice examples.”

Within Anuga Horizon 2050, five thematic blocks will feature presentations, panel discussions, and start-up pitches, to seek clarity on the challenges facing the food industry going forward. The first of these, ‘Sustainable Environment – Better Food for a Better World’, partnered with EIT Food, will examine why only responsible, rapid, and, above all, sustainable action can guarantee security of supply for all. Secondly, ‘New Solutions, New Products’ will be a dedicated start-up day, partnered with Ecotrophelia Next Food Generation, which will see investors, multipliers and incubators team up with start-ups, to explore ways of shaping the future of the industry together.

“For the first time, Anuga is offering participation opportunities for start-ups,” says Schumacher. “In six different start-up areas, about 100 young and innovative companies from approximately 25 countries will compete with the existing industry and present their product innovations to the global trade audience. As such, Anuga sets impulses and inspires people to new business ideas.”

Elsewhere, ‘Alternative Proteins – New Sources To Feed 10 Billion’ will explore why the development of new protein sources is vital for the survival of species, exploring plant solutions, cell-based meat and fish cultures, and other protein sources, in conjunction with BALPro – Verband für Alternative Proteinquellen (the Association for Alternative Protein Sources). ‘New Nutrition – The Evolution of Food,’ partnered with Nutrition Hub, will look at how new technologies and visionary thinking are shaping how we look at food production. Finally, ‘Internet of Food,’ in partnership with The Consumer Goods Forum, will shed light on possible future scenarios, such as the role of artificial intelligence in production and logistics, as well as the rise of new digital platforms.

Newtrition X

Sunday 6 October sees the hosting of the Newtrition X summit, which focuses on future trends within personalised nutrition, incorporating scientific experts from various fields, as well as decision-makers from across the food spectrum. Organised by Anuga in conjunction with foodRegio – Norddeutschlands Branchennetzwerk der Ernährungswirtschaft (the North German Food-Processing Industry Network), the full-day event will examine topics such as ‘Nutrigenomics – Do our genes determine what we should eat?’, ‘Making Personalised Nutrition a daily habit,’ ‘Internet of Food – Opportunities through the linking of data,’ and ‘What changes does Big Data bring for the food industry?’

Among those presenting at what is certain to be an insightful and engaging event are Michael Gusko, chairman of the foodRegio Focus Group on Personalised Nutrition; Ignace de Nollin, managing director of Belgium-based SmartWithFood; Nick Holzherr, CEO, Whisk at Samsung NEXT; and Dr Simone K Frey, managing director and founder, Nutrition Hub, among others.


Another event to explore the megatrends influencing the food sector will be iFood’19, now in its fifth edition, which will be hosted by the DIL German Institute of Food Technology. The event, which takes place on Monday 7 October at Congress Centre North, will explore how digitalisation, new production concepts, changing consumer needs and sustainability concerns are creating opportunities for innovation, especially within the consumer goods industry.

iFood’19 will be built around four core themes: ‘Sustainability – New concepts for food’ (focusing on areas such as ethics, animal welfare, resource efficiency, food authenticity and consumer health); ‘Digitalism – Blockchain and artificial intelligence’ (examining the opportunities that Big Data, blockchain and artificial intelligence offer the food sector’; ‘Innovations – Increase of knowledge transfers’ (exploring ways to make the food sector more flexible to meet changing trends); and ‘New Foods – Trends in the global food system (how changes to the global food marketplace will influence what – and how – we eat in the future)’.

E-Grocery Congress

While the online food trade now a booming sector, heightened consumer expectations and rapidly advancing technologies present their own challenges for operators. With this in mind, the second edition of the E-Grocery Congress at Anuga 2019 will feature the theme ‘Driving Online Grocery Forward: Strategies, Trends & Game-Changers’.

The Congress, which takes place on Tuesday 8 October, will offer decision-makers in the sector an opportunity to understand different digital strategies and assess the possibility of implementing them in their businesses, as well as highlighting best-practice examples and current trends through graphical presentations and acting as a platform for strategic networking with international industry experts.

Among the themes set to be discussed are: ‘Grocery 2.0 – Imperatives And Keys To Success,’ ‘Personalised Marketing For The Consumer 3.0,’ ‘Health Boosting E-Grocery Participation,’ ‘Performance Through Logistics And Delivery,’ ‘Smart Category Management’ and ‘Food Supply Chain Distribution’, while experts scheduled to present include Nader Amiri, founder and CEO of el Grocer (UAE); Penny Cox, SVP of Regional Supermarket Lazada/Alibaba Group (Singapore); Siddharth Nambiar, director, Amazon Prime Now (India); David Ochmann, chief commercial officer of Migros-owned LeShop (Switzerland), and many more.

The congress is open to digital strategists in the sector, as well as experts in e-commerce, omnichannel management, online marketing, purchasing, and logistics.


About Koelnmesse

Anuga wouldn’t be the event that it is without Koelnmesse, the trade show organiser behind one of the most iconic venues on the planet. Last year, the group hosted close to 80 international exhibitions, including 25 trade fairs in Germany and 28 overseas, welcoming a total of 2.35 million people through the doors of its various events. On average, 72% of the exhibitors and more than 45% of the visitors to Koelnmesse’s exhibitions come from abroad.

“The trade fair business in Cologne has always thrived on the diversity of the sectors and industries that go their own way, with us at their side. On the internationality of our exhibitors and visitors. On the relevance of the topics they bring with them, and bring to life on site,” Gerald Böse and Herbert Marner of Koelnmesse’s management board explained in May of this year. “But it is also subject to significant changes. Trade fairs are called upon to breathe life into the digital transformation and to translate it into processes and services for customers.”

The group is currently engaged in a future-proofing project, Koelnmesse 3.0, which will see around €700 million invested in its trade fair grounds in Cologne between now and 2030, through the redevelopment of existing structures and the rollout of new event spaces. In addition, by 2022, Koelnmesse expects to have invested more than €50 million in digitalisation, including the development of a ‘Business-Matchmaking-as-a-Service’ business model, helping to transition its marketplace principle into the digital age.

The knock-on effect of events like Anuga is also of huge benefit to Cologne and the North Rhine-Westphalia region.  Every year, trade fair attendees’ expenditures generate more than €1.1 billion in sales in Cologne alone, while the trade fair business secures more than 11,000 full-time jobs in the city – in retail, thetrades, transport, logistics, and in the hotel and restaurant industries.

In full-year 2019, the group will have hosted a total of 83 exhibitions – with Anuga again a key driver of the company’s success. Roll on 5 to 9 October! All photos courtesy Koelnmesse.

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