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Kit Kat And Oreo Recipe Changes Will Cut Sat Fat

Published on Oct 29 2013 12:48 PM in A-Brands

Kit Kat And Oreo Recipe Changes Will Cut Sat Fat

Kit Kats and Oreos are to become healthier. The British Government announced that a whole host of companies have signed up to a "responsibility pledge" to cut the saturated fat their products contain.

Nestle, Mondelez International and Unilever are just three of the manufacturers who signed up to the pledge, along with supermarket chains Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons who will all lower the saturated fat levels in selected lines.

But controversially, the sugar levels in them will stay the same.

Days after the British Medical Journal ran an opinion piece from a cardiologist asserting that sugar and not saturated fat was the leading cause in the rise in heart disease and diabetes, the government announced the latest in its series of public health pledges with food manufacturers and supermarkets.

This will, ministers said, remove the equivalent of one and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools full of saturated fat from the national diet.


Nestle has said it will reformulate the recipe of its Kit Kat chocolate bars. Mondelez has pledged to change the recipes of products including Oreo biscuits, Barny snacks and BelVita breakfast biscuits.

Unilever, meanwhile, has said it will invest in "healthier" spreads and encourage consumers to cook with products offering "lower satured fat alternatives".

Nestlé Ireland manager Deirdre O'Donoghue said that, "improving the nutritional profile of Kit Kat does not come at the peens of quality and taste".

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