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Unilever Flora Ads Banned By Advertising Watchdog

Published on Oct 17 2013 3:11 AM in A-Brands

Unilever Flora Ads Banned By Advertising Watchdog

Unilever has been banned from running two Flora Pro-Active TV ads by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority [ASA], on the grounds that they make unjustified claims.

The [ASA] received two complaints about ads by Adam & Eve/DDB, which feature two women who lowered their cholesterol levels with Flora Pro-Activ.

The complainants questioned whether the ads’ claim that "no other food lowers cholesterol more" could be substantiated.

There are strict rules governing the nutrition and health claims that can be made in advertising.

Unilever said that there were no other foods or ingredients on the market with proven cholesterol lowering effects.


Their advertising agency Clearcast said its nutrition consultant believed the claim was substantiated by firm evidence. It was confident that the on-screen text, which outlined the size of the effect ver a specific time, qualified the claim in line with conditions.

However, the ASA ruled "no other food lowers cholesterol more" was a specific heath claim and as it was not an authorised on the European Union register, its inclusion was a breach of the Broadcasting Code.

As a result, the ads must not be broadcast again.

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