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Milk Producers Stop Supplying Leclerc Over Pricing Concerns

Published on Jun 9 2011 8:41 AM in Drinks

Milk Producers Stop Supplying Leclerc Over Pricing Concerns

The price hike demanded by some French dairy suppliers has triggered a war of words with supermarket chain Leclerc, and led to several products being removed from the shelves. Dairy producers are asking for an increase in the price paid for products of around 10 per cent, which Leclerc chief executive Edouard Leclerc deems "unacceptable".

As a result Lactalis-Lactel, Galbani, President, Bridel and Roitelet have stopped supplying products to the chain. However, the lack of dairy products on the shelves "does not affect the smooth running of the company," Leclerc explained.

The spirits maker Ricard has also been in heated discussion with Leclerc over its refusal to raise prices, although in this case, the price increase was less than 3 per cent. (9 June)

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