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Kanzi® Apples Launches Season With New Consumer Campaign

Published on Sep 16 2015 3:38 PM in Fresh Produce tagged: Apples / Kanzi / pink lady

Kanzi® Apples Launches Season With New Consumer Campaign

In Europe, the new Kanzi® apple season is ready to begin.

Kanzi® has experienced good growing conditions in all production regions, resulting in a high-quality harvest. Kanzi®, the natural cross between Gala and Braeburn, has established its corporate identity over the past ten years, and in the future will work harder than ever to differentiate itself from its competitors, and to continue to gain a loyal consumer following.

Kanzi® has launched the 2015-16 season with a new consumer campaign, reflecting the brand's contemporary approach: Kanzi® Seduce Life. 'Seduce Life' communicates the taste experience of Kanzi®, encouraging consumers to seize life by enjoying an everyday moment of luxury. “We want customers to know that buying Kanzi® apples will give them the energy and spirit they need to be successful and happy," said Henry Müller, CEO of GKE NV.

The 'Seduce Life' campaign will be rolled out with newly developed communication tools, such as TVCs and radio spots, supermarket tastings, experiential marketing activities, promotions and a new website.

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