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New Discovery Kills Bacteria In Food

Published on Aug 16 2011 2:05 PM in Fresh Produce

New Discovery Kills Bacteria In Food

Scientists have discovered a natural preservative, which destroys the bacteria that makes eggs, fish, meat and diary products go off. The compound bisin was discovered at Minnesota University by Dr Dan O'Sullivan, an Irish microbiologist, when he was examining bacteria in the human intestine.

The natural substance, which occurs naturally in certain types of bacteria, prevents the growth of lethal bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and listeria. It is understood that the preservative could extend the shelf life of foods such as cheese and salad dressings for several years. It also works with opened bottles of wine. However, bisin will not prolong the shelf life of fruit and vegetables. “It doesn’t compromise nutrient quality – we are not adding a chemical, we are adding a natural ingredient. It’s aimed at protecting foods from a broad range of bugs that cause disease,” said Dr O’Sullivan. 

Products containing the substance as expected to hit the shelves in the next three years. (16 Aug)

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