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Uncertainty As French Apple Production Drops

Published on Oct 1 2012 10:30 AM in Fresh Produce

Uncertainty As French Apple Production Drops

The French Agriculture Ministry published a report this week, stating that apple and pear production in the country was as much as 25 per cent lower than last year. The regions Centre and Rhône-Alpes are affected the most, with a fall in production of 52 per cent and 42 per cent respectively. The apple production of 2012 was the lowest in 10 years, with an estimated tonnage of 1,391,000 tons. The production of this year was 23 per cent lower compared to the five-year average.


Dutch importers indicate that the French are very reluctant to provide information about the hard fruit harvest. "They like to keep prices high and there is much uncertainty in the market. There is still a big demand for French apples. Good brands like Royal Gala have been selling for around €20 for quite some time now, while lesser brands go for around €18. The same prices go for Granny Smith apples. There are definitely not a lot of red apples. That is why I expect that prices will hold, if not increase further."

Source: freshplaza

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