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Geohellas Releases New Odour Attack Cat Litter

Published on Jul 13 2017 11:30 AM in Private Label tagged: Trending Posts / Geohellas / Cat Litter

Geohellas Releases New Odour Attack Cat Litter

Geohellas’ new Odour Attack cat litter contains an advanced scientific formula for targeted odour elimination.

The technologically advanced Green Garden fragrance in Geohellas' Odour Attack cat litter consists of odour-fighting molecules that target the very source of faecal and urine components, offering immediate and lasting deodorisation.

Used cat litter contains several chemicals, such as ammonia, amines and mercaptans (thiols). These are gases that are emitted from cat urine and faeces, which degrade in stages. During the first stage, ammonia is formed, then amines and mercaptans.

If those are not eliminated, the urine odour remains and the smell gets even worse. Common odour-fighting products usually work by masking the ammonia smell for a few days. When the odour returns, it is in the form of mercaptans. Those products cannot react with the mercaptans, and you are left with an even worse odour than before.

Geohellas’ malodour-control cat litter effectively targets N (nitrogen in amines-urine) and S (sulphur in mercaptans-faeces) molecules, while releasing a fresh green-garden aroma, which offers a double action for extra freshness in the cat tray.

Geohellas’ Odour Attack formula is available for private-label clumping, ultra-compact or absorbent cat litters.

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