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Myths About Safety Of Bottled Water Leads To Unhealthy Choices - NHC

Published on May 11 2014 10:04 AM in Packaging And Design

Myths About Safety Of Bottled Water Leads To Unhealthy Choices - NHC

The Natural Hydration Council has dispelled myths about bottled water stating they could lead to people making unhealthy drink choices.

In a recent poll of 2,000 people carried out on behalf of the Natural Hydration Council, five common myths were revealed – possibly prevent people from choosing water as a form of rehydration.

The study highlighted how less than one in four people knew there is no BPA in the plastic used for bottled water. Meanwhile, four out of five consumers believed drinking water from a bottle left out in the sun could cause cancer.

And six out of 10 people did not know that plastic water bottles are 100% recyclable. Also, one in four thought only half of the bottled-water packaging was recyclable.

Amazingly, three out of four taking part in the poll believed freezing water in a plastic bottle, and then drinking from the bottle, could cause cancer. Almost half of those surveyed didn’t know whether drinking water from plastic bottles posed a general health risk.

PET is the only plastic used in the UK for bottled water and does not contain BPA, said the Natural Hydration Council following the release of the study.

Confusion arises as BPA is a chemical found in a different form of plastic called polycarbonate – often found in reusable rigid water containers.

US studies indicate that BPA has a negative impact on human health; such studies often use the term ‘plastic water bottle’ to refer to polycarbonate bottles in reports. This has led to confusion among consumers as to the safety of water containers.

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