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Delhaize Group Update On Sustainability Progress

Published on Jun 9 2013 11:02 AM in Private Label

Delhaize Group Update On Sustainability Progress

Belgian-based retailer Delhaize have achieved 'major milestones' in the US and Belgium with their sustainability strategy, '2020 Global Ambition: On Our Way To Supergood'. The initiative, which began in 2012, has seen an 8% reduction in waste going to landfill in the US, with all of Delhaize's operating companies implementing waste reduction pilot programmes. Delhaize Belgium's stores now carry 100% sustainable fresh fish, while Delhaize America's sustainable sourcing policy now covers all fresh, frozen and canned seafood products. 94% of Delhaize's private label products now carry GDAs.

Under the programme, Delhaize reformulated their private label range during the year to improve their nutritional value, with sunflower oil replacing palm oil in Delhaize Belgium's own-brand frozen French fries. According to Delhaize, 'building sustainability into our private brands is the most significant way we can address major global sustainability trends […]. We believe sustainable private brand products will strengthen our relationships with customers and increase consumer loyalty. For these reasons, the sustainability of our portfolio of private brand products is the top priority in our 2020 ambition'. 

Delhaize's sustainability efforts have seen the company listed in both the World and Europe-versions of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. However, Delhaize have noted that 'demonstrating the financial value of our sustainability projects and goals remains difficult'.

Commenting on the introduction of the strategy, Mats Jansson, Delhaize chairman, said, "We felt the time was right to outline a long-term vision for our sustainability efforts. We have learned a lot from our past successes and challenges. We also heard a clear message from our stakeholders, who wanted us to focus more deeply on the environmental, social and nutritional aspects of the products we sell." (10 June)

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