Charge Up Your Sustainability Goals: How Retailers Can Make A Difference

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Charge Up Your Sustainability Goals: How Retailers Can Make A Difference

Sustainability is no longer a niche business concern, but a core value for many retail customers.

With a third of shoppers choosing food and drink with packaging that is plastic-free or recyclable, retailers are increasingly looking for ways to attract eco-conscious consumers, reduce their environmental impact, and meet ambitious sustainability goals – all at once.

The electric vehicle-/EV-charging infrastructure presents a powerful opportunity to make progress towards those goals, and industry leaders are already jumping at the opportunity.

Last year, the number of UK supermarkets offering EV charging rose by 59%, fuelled by consumer demand.

The EV Boom And Sustainability

The rapid rise of EVs offers a clear path towards a cleaner transportation future. By encouraging the adoption of EVs, retailers can significantly contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution in urban areas.


Studies show that a single EV-charging station can offset the emissions of several petrol-powered vehicles.

ChargePoint For Sustainability Success

ChargePoint, a leading EV-charging platform, empowers retailers to take concrete steps towards their sustainability goals.

Here’s how ChargePoint is uniquely positioned to help retailers.

Customised Charging Solutions: From software that monitors your energy spent and revenue earned to industry-leading hardware, ChargePoint offers a variety of charging solutions tailored to the unique needs of each retailer. This ensures efficient use of energy and avoids unnecessary infrastructure development.


Smart Monitoring And Optimisation: Networked charging platforms provide valuable data on your energy consumption and your customers’ charging habits. This data can be used to optimise charging station usage and identify opportunities for further energy savings.

Renewable Energy Integration: ChargePoint works with retailers to explore integrating renewable energy sources, like solar panels, to power their charging stations. This creates a truly sustainable solution that minimises reliance on the traditional grid.

Community Impact: By offering public EV charging, retailers contribute to building a more sustainable transportation infrastructure for their entire community. Some 87% of UK EV drivers use public charging stations. Connecting retailer brands to a greener community future not only aligns with customer priorities, but also positions them as leaders in environmental responsibility.

Trusted Partnership And Strategic Planning: ChargePoint goes beyond simply providing industry-leading software and charging stations. It offers industry expertise and resources to help retailers navigate the ever-evolving EV landscape. This includes educational programmes, legislative insights and strategic planning, to maximise the return on investment of your sustainable solutions.


Investing In A Sustainable Future: Partnering with ChargePoint allows retailers to make a significant contribution towards a cleaner future. By providing a convenient EV-charging infrastructure and promoting sustainable practices, retailers can attract eco-conscious customers, enhance brand loyalty, and achieve their sustainability goals – all while creating a positive impact on the environment.

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This article was written in partnership with ChargePoint.

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