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Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions: 'Mobile Has Won'

Published on Jan 2 2014 5:13 PM in Technology

Eric Schmidt's 2014 Predictions: 'Mobile Has Won'

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has predicted that everyone is going to have a smartphone in 2014.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV about 2014 trends, Schmidt highlighted the growing importance of big data for businesses and the rise of personal genetics. 

Schmidt said that the search engine giant believes the biggest change consumers will experience over the coming year is the firm establishment of the mobile world. The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets will result in a whole new generation of applications focused on entertainment, education and our social lives, according to Schmidt, who said that mobile devices were "winning" the race in the technology sphere -- but have now firmly "won."

"There are more tablets and phones being sold than personal computers," Schmidt said. "People are moving to this new architecture very fast."

While talking about big disruptions in the technology space, Schmidt mentions that, "The biggest disruptor that we're sure about is the arrival of big data and machine intelligence everywhere - like the ability to find people, to talk specifically to them, to judge them, to rank what they're doing, to decide what to do with your products, changes every business globally."

In the course of the interview, he also mentions that at Google the biggest mistake that they have done is to miss the buzz around the social media. Google is offering a social networking platform, Google Plus, but it does not rank anywhere close to Facebook and Twitter

You can watch the full Bloomberg interview here. 

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