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California Raisins: An Unblemished Food Safety Record

Published on Jul 4 2019 3:30 PM in Supply Chain tagged: Food Safety / Natural Foods / California Raisins / San Joaquin Valley / World News

California Raisins: An Unblemished Food Safety Record

The great pride and care involved in the complex process of growing, sorting and packing California Raisins make it one of the most trusted food items in the world.

The Process

To begin with, Thompson seedless grapes are picked at their optimum size and sugar levels and left to dry on paper trays in the natural California sunshine.

There are no chemicals involved in drying the fruits.

The long hours of sunshine in California's San Joaquin Valley allows the raisins to dry in approximately take three weeks, with little chance of rain affecting the crop.

Once fully dried, the raisins are collected from the vineyards and transported to packing plants.

Quality Control

Before unloading, government officials take samples from the middle of each box using long prods, to make sure that they are free from imperfections.

Inside the packing plants, California Raisins are processed in a series of conveyor belts, drums, and vacuum air streams to remove any stems, chaff, or underweight fruit.

They are then sorted by size, washed in pure spring water, and finally run through a laser sorter, which recognises any non-raisin material and directs a short blast of air to remove it from the raisins.

Throughout the whole process, quality-control technicians inspect the fruit.

The raisins are then weighed and packed in a variety of sizes and shipped out across the world.

Unblemished Food Safety Record

Every effort is made to keep customers all over the world satisfied with California Raisins, and the growers and packers are proud to have an unblemished food safety record.

In addition, the raisins have never been associated with food-borne outbreaks in fresh produce, and California Raisins upholds a great record for assured reliability.

For those looking for the highest-quality ingredient, California Raisins is the only answer.

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