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Chile Fast Becoming China's Main Fruit Provider

Published on Sep 27 2012 9:51 AM in Fresh Produce

Chile Fast Becoming China's Main Fruit Provider

Chilean fruit exports to China have experienced a great increase in recent years. In 2011, shipments registered a 35 per cent increase, with a value of $438 million, according to statistics provided to the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, placing Chile as one of the main fruit providers in the southern hemisphere.

Chilean fruit has a substantial share of China's fruit imports. According to information provided by ProChile, during 2011, 75 per cent of China's cherry imports were supplied by Chile. Chile was also China's main provider of dried plums, with 72 per cent of the total imported by this Asian nation.

Chile also led the supply of table grapes, with 58 per cent, and apples, with 54 per cent of the total.

This way, China gradually takes over from the US as main destination market for Chilean fruit, and in the case of cherries, they have already become their main destination.

Overall, bilateral trade between Chile and China has increased from $24,700 million in 2010 to $29,000 in 2011, according to Chinese statistics. During the first semester of 2012, trade between China and Chile has increased by 14.8%, reaching a value of $14,700 million. (27 Sept)

Source: freshplaza

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