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Fruit, Veg, Bakery Items - Most Stolen Products At Scan-It-Yourself Checkouts

Published on Feb 1 2014 4:14 PM in Fresh Produce

Fruit, Veg, Bakery Items - Most Stolen Products At Scan-It-Yourself Checkouts

Fruit, vegetables and bakery products are the items most frequently stolen by shoplifters at scan-it-yourself checkout tills, according to a recent survey from VoucherCodesPro UK.

Confectionery and personal grooming products are also high on the list of items that people admit to placing into their bags without paying for them.

The illegal activity at self-service checkouts costs UK-based retailers an estimated £1.6 billion each year.

Nearly two-thirds blamed their stealing on being unable to scan items using the machine; 50% of those admitting to thieving said they felt they were less likely to get caught as ‘the machine is easy to fool’.

While more than half of those taking part in the research admitted stealing on a regular basis, one-third said it was because they ‘did not have enough money’.

A lowly 6% said they hadn’t realised the products had not scanned.

Shoplifting is now at its highest level for nine, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC). “Retailers think very carefully before introducing any new technologies into store, and implement appropriate preventative measures,” said the organisation.

Retailers say they have stringent security measures in place to combat such activity.

“It’s not worth getting into trouble with the police over the matter of a few pieces of fruit and veg,” said George Charles, from

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