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Coldiretti Lashes Out At EU Food And Drink Policies

Published on Jul 7 2014 1:40 PM in Supply Chain

Coldiretti Lashes Out At EU Food And Drink Policies

Coldiretti (Confederazione Nazionale Coltivatori Diretti), the largest agricultural organisation in Europe, has become dissatisfied with what it views as extreme measures implemented by the European Union to make foodstuffs as healthy as possible.

The Italian organisation sees the EU's actions as having lowered the quality of food, believing wine, cheese and chocolate to be the most threatened goods. "From cheese made without milk, to wine made without grapes, to chocolate made without cocoa, to watered-down meat, to the EU technocrats Matteo Renzi is attacking," they said, "the European Union has arrived at incomprehensible decisions as a result of its bureaucracy."

"The EU is pushing its member states into doing low-quality grocery shopping, particularly in the case of countries such as Italy, that possess gastronomically rich traditions," the president of Coldiretti, Roberto Moncalvo, asserted, denouncing the "alchemy ingredients" that have "ruined even some of the most common foodstuffs".

"The European Union has conceded," he added, "that for many meat products, it is not a legal obligation to label the water content if it is lower than 5 per cent, and, indeed, in the cases of some meat products in particular, such as wurstel and mortadella, the denotation of the water content may be eschewed altogether."

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