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Coming Up In ESM Issue 6 2018

Published on Oct 8 2018 5:40 PM in Features tagged: ESM: European Supermarket Magazine / ESM Issue 6

Coming Up In ESM Issue 6 2018

Copy Deadline: 15 November

The final edition of ESM: European Supermarket Magazine in 2018 sees us venture into the Russian winter to meet Sergei Goncharov, the CEO of Pyaterochka, Russia's largest retail banner, and an increasingly powerful presence in global retail. We also explore latest trends in Fresh Produce, Confectionery and Household Products, explore the exciting new innovations in the Refrigeration category, and introduce a major report on waste management and sustainability, The Waste Issue.

The Waste Issue - The Retail Industry's Drive To Sustainability

In the years to come, the issue of waste management and sustainability within the retail and food industries is likely to become an increasingly crucial factor impacting a company’s success. With this in mind, ESM is launching 'The Waste Issue: The Retail Industry's Drive To Sustainability', which will address the key concerns and opportunities facing the trade as it seeks to embrace more sustainable operating practices.

ESM is an official media partner of the Consumer Goods Forum Sustainable Retail Summit, taking place in Lisbon this October, which will highlight latest innovations and trends in the waste management and sustainability sectors. In addition, ESM will speak to industry experts on how retailers and food businesses alike are seeking to input sustainability practices into their operations, and profile third party suppliers that are helping them on this important journey.

Fruit & Vegetables Europe

There are few product categories more important than fresh fruit and vegetables, and as such the level of investment in the fresh supply chain, in-store innovation, new product development and display equipment has never been higher. After all, consumers wouldn't expect anything less. In this major annual report, ESM speaks to some of Europe's leading fresh produce suppliers about the growth opportunities in the sector, as well as look at what retailers see as essential to the development of a winning fresh produce offering. In addition, we will look at the logistics, transport and storage involved in maintaining a successful fresh product operation.


While the Confectionery market continues to show strong growth in most European markets, consumer demand for sensible product choices is shaking up the sector somewhat. With product reformulation underway across the sector, this has led to the emergence of new snacking categories, such as sports nutrition bars and products based around nuts and seeds. In addition, the growing maturity of private label means that  innovation is no longer just reserved for big brands. In this special report, ESM examines the growth of the European confectionery industry, and speaks to both suppliers and retailers about the key trends influencing the market.


The past few years have seen the introduction of new legislation that is likely to see changes in the type of refrigeration systems used by retailers and suppliers across Europe. At the same time, many operators are also investing in their refrigeration systems to cut costs and streamline their operations - significant savings can be made, if you know where to look. ESM examines the areas in which the main investment is being undertaken, and speaks to the suppliers leading the innovation charge in this dynamic sector.

Household Cleaning & Home Care

The Household Cleaning and Home Care sectors have seen significant investment in recent years, in response to consumer demand for added-value solutions, such as products built around fragrance and ‘sensory’ notes, and eco-friendly options. ESM speaks to the branded and private label suppliers that are leading the charge in this regard.

The World Of Packaging 2019

Following on from last year's successful The World of Packaging 2018 report, ESM is proud to present The World of Packaging 2019, our annual overview of the latest trends in the global packaging landscape. As part of this report, we will focus on the most important packaging innovations of the past 12 months and feature exclusive insight from leading packaging industry analysts and research firms, including Rabobank and Moody's. ESM's The World Of Packaging 2019 report is essential reading for anyone involved in the packaging sector.

Plus Much Much More, including

ESM meets Sergei Goncharov, the CEO of Pyaterochka, which is part of X5 Retail Group, Russia's largest retailer. Boasting more than 12,000 stores, the group recently announced a transformation plan that looks set to lift the already-stratospheric brand even higher. ESM discovers what the brand has in store.

Following a lengthy application and judging process, the winners of the inaugural European Private Label Awards will be announced in the first issue of 2018. Ahead of that, we review the finalists for this year’s competition, across 12 highly-competitive categories.

ESM’s regular Europe’s Newsmakers section profiles the men and women making the news within the grocery retail sector over the most recent quarter.

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