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Cool Runnings With JBG2

Published on Mar 9 2015 7:56 AM in Features

Cool Runnings With JBG2

JBG-2, specialists in modern refrigeration solutions for the supermarket industry, has unveiled a new ‘No Defrost’ technology that can deliver a significant reduction in energy costs for businesses. Katarzyna Lach of JBG-2 explains how it works.

Why do you feel that the 'No Defrost' technology offers such a breakthrough in the industry?

Previously, new technologies were developed to minimise the side effects of the defrosting process. JBG-2 decided instead to focus on improving the refrigeration process so that defrosting would become unnecessary. This new approach drives economies in the direct investment, and additionally reduces running costs.

How big an issue is defrosting for retailers - how regularly would defrosting be necessary, and for how long?

There are many variables including the type of equipment, the ambient conditions and the number of consumers. The latter points can vary due to the day of the week, time of year and prevailing weather conditions. Making adjustments to the defrost process involves an investment in time and money, and our new technology eliminates this issue.

Cost savings are crucial when it comes to refrigeration. For a mid-sized store, what sort of cost savings are attainable through utilising the 'No Defrost'  technology?

‘No Defrost’ technology reduces the electrical energy consumption of the equipment and in turn, the whole system. As a result, a number of cost savings can be made, starting with the initial investment, in that a smaller refrigeration plant can be purchased due to the higher evaporation temperatures required, and reduced cross section of pipework means that a smaller amount of refrigerant is required. Running costs are reduced due to effect of removing the defrosting process. Indirect benefits include more stable storage conditions for products which are no longer subjected to temperature fluctuations during the defrosting process, which should reduce levels of product spoilage. Typical overall cost savings are in the region of 30%.

Refrigeration units come in many different shapes and sizes. Is JBG2 looking to adapt its ‘No Defrost’ technology to fit all different types of unit?

We are planning to offer ‘No Defrost’ technology in all cooling equipment where it can be justified. Tests, both in the lab and the market place have been positive in terms of energy reductions recorded and feedback from satisfied clients.

How does the new technology assist retailers with becoming more environmentally friendly?

The reduced energy consumption from ‘No Defrost’ is just one of a package of technologies we offer retailers to assist them in reducing their overall carbon footprint. We use ecological refrigerants including CO2 and hydrocarbons, energy saving components including LED lighting, energy saving fans, and variable speed compressors. We offer low emission glass and energy efficient doors, frames and lids which reduce energy losses. Recyclable materials constitute on average 80% by weight in our products.

What does JBG2 see as the future of refrigeration technology, and how is it preparing to meet that challenge?

There will be an increasing focus on cooling which is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and simple to maintain. In JBG-2 we believe that the driving force is people, and to that end, we invest in knowledge and technology essential to the continuous development of our abilities. As a result, we are able to react dynamically to the changing market and environmental challenges, and we look to the future with confidence.­

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