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DECON In-Store Oven Provides Solutions For Bakeries And Supermarkets

Published on Oct 26 2017 10:20 AM in Technology tagged: Bakery / DEBAG / DECON

DECON In-Store Oven Provides Solutions For Bakeries And Supermarkets

The DECON in-store oven with integrated steamer function belongs firmly in the Baking 4.0 product category.

The DECON is a real all-rounder – in addition to baking, it offers a wide range of functions, including cooking, steaming, gratinating and regenerating. It gives the user maximum flexibility in what can be offered.

As well as crispy, fresh-baked goods, it can also be used to prepare a wide range of hot snacks to go – from sausage rolls, tortillas and vegetable quiches, to pizza pockets and half-chickens.

With the aid of the integrated core-temperature probe, even 'amateur cooks' are able to get sophisticated dishes and roasts done just right.

The DECON is the perfect partner for all who want to increase their sales by offering hot snacks for lunch and dinner.

Intelligent Controls

The new 7-inch touch screen with high-resolution graphic display makes the oven easy and intuitive to operate.

The operator simply taps the relevant symbol (e.g. ‘Pretzel’) on the touch-screen display, and the baking programme starts automatically, regulating the entire baking process.

To minimise operator errors by untrained personnel, DEBAG offers useful assistance systems, such as SmartBake and VirtualBaker.

Smart Bake

SmartBake detects the batch quantity in the oven and automatically adjusts the parameters during the baking process. No matter how many trays have been loaded, SmartBake ensures that only as much energy as is necessary is put in.

The programme, therefore, not only helps to save energy and prevent operator errors, but also guarantees a consistently high quality of baked products.

SmartBake optimises workflows and increases process reliability for baking in bakeries and supermarkets.

Warming Cabinet

In order to ensure that the hot snacks prepared in a DECON oven lose none of their freshness, they can be stored in the warming cabinet for a set period of time.

The built-in temperature control ensures constant humidity, which prevents the food from drying out.

This means that bakeries and supermarkets are able to offer their customers hot, fresh snacks all day long without constantly having to prepare new ones, which saves valuable working time and reduces costs.

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