Software – The Key To Success Of KNAPP's Logistics Systems

By Dayeeta Das
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  • The central intelligence of KNAPP's logistics systems is best described as invisible and indispensable. It breathes life into machines, connects people and technologies, and creates intelligent processes.

    Software is the often-underestimated player that makes the right decisions at the right time, holding the key to success. It is the invisible force that breathes intelligent life into KNAPP's solutions. Not only does it ensure smooth-running logistics and technical processes, but it also provides transparency, which is gaining ground as a competitive partner. 

    KNAPP is tailoring its software solutions to customers' infrastructure using a range of different modules that can be optimally integrated and easily upgraded. 

    In addition, the software packages are perfectly adapted to meet the requirements in food retail, guaranteeing that packages ideally suit customers' sector niche. 

    With an intelligent interplay of all components, maximum success comes with minimum effort. This way, the installation can unfold its maximum potential, with software being the key player behind the scenes, both for bricks-and-mortar and online food retailing. Let's have a look inside:


    A Complete Solution

    KNAPPs software solutions link all technologies from a range of different end devices for excellent usability and an all-round user experience. With KiSoft, software solutions are made-to-order for all processes across all levels, from warehouse management systems (WMS) and warehouse control systems (WCS) to machine control systems. 

    KNAPP's software ensures perfect, smooth processes and the best possible integration. KiSoft offers maximum flexibility and scalability.

    Tailored Software Makes Timely Delivery Possible

    One of the customers with a logistics solution intelligently integrated with the KiSoft software is EDEKA Nord. The software efficiently controls the goods flow, ensuring that the shelves in EDEKA stores are always full of fresh goods. 


    Matthias Biermann, manager of the meat production facility for EDEKA Nord, explained, "In food retail, some items from a specific goods range need to be transported separately from the rest. So, KiSoft makes sure that certain goods aren't mixed up during picking."

    The system always knows the stock levels in all areas. This enables optimal planning of customer orders and delivery tours. KiSoft WCS checks the availability and workload of every picking area and stacker. 

    To guarantee short transit times, orders are distributed efficiently to the right areas, making goods available for delivery at the right time. It also controls the palletising process.

    Symbiotic Relationships

    An example of symbiotic relationships between highly innovative mechatronic solutions and highly modern software packages is KNAPPs RUNPICK (Robotic Universal Picker), for fully automatic full case picking, and Pick-it-Easy Robot for single item picking, in which real-life artificial intelligence applications play a key role. 


    When Software Plays Tetris

    RUNPICK offers a huge advantage – it can handle a variety of packaging types and processes them fast and efficiently with the help of multiple-item picking. 

    Within one cycle of movement, the system can move and deposit several items, which allows greater performance compared to existing systems. This means items need to be combined intelligently. 

    Software also plays a vital role in fully automatic robot technologies, ensuring smooth logistics processes and making decisions based on master data. 


    KiSoft Pack Master packing arrangement software is something of a professional Tetris player in automated warehouses. 

    When an order starts, the software is already thinking about the optimal position for the entire order on the target load unit. That's how all the blocks land in the correct positions and right side up, forming a stable and space-saving unit. 

    And that's not all, KiSoft Pack Master has something to offer the employees working in the store as well – it makes processes as easy as possible for them. 

    Thanks to optimum grouping and arrangement, all items are loaded on the load carrier in reverse order. This means that delivery is store-friendly, with items arranged in the ideal order for refilling the shelves in the store. Naturally, each store defines its ideal sequence. 

    All You Need Is Data

    Automation solutions in food retail require excellent master data quality due to the wide range and sometimes delicate products. 

    KNAPPs software ensures optimum preparation, implementation, and maintenance of customers' master data. In addition, KNAPP can derive master data from technologies and sensors automatically and improve them. 

    Self-Learning Systems

    The use of machine learning in single-item picking allows the system to learn and improve by itself continuously. The Pick-it-Easy Robot knows how to best pick up the product, automatically selecting the right gripper, the ideal grip point, and the right speed for picking. 

    Vision systems help to increase system performance continually. In addition, sufficient data and time contribute to boosting system robustness and intelligence.

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