Power Up Profits: Why Networked EV Charging Is A Retail Game-Changer

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Power Up Profits: Why Networked EV Charging Is A Retail Game-Changer

The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is upon us, and retailers are presented with a unique opportunity.

While some may see EV charging as a logistical hurdle, forward-thinking businesses recognise it as a strategic advantage. In fact, networked charging stations that connect to a central network and can communicate with other devices not only enable customers to find your business using their phone or an app, but they also allow you to use charging software to develop a more robust EV charging programme that can benefit your business.

Here's how networked EV charging can be a game changer for retailers:

Attract Eco-Conscious Consumers: Today's shoppers increasingly prioritise sustainability. Position your brand as environmentally responsible by offering EV charging and attracting a loyal customer base that aligns with your values.

Boost Customer Loyalty: Networked charging gives drivers the ability to plan shopping trips efficiently around EV charging locations, determine station availability and monitor charging status remotely.


This convenience leads to longer dwell times and increased spending within your store. Tie charging into your customer loyalty programme to lower charging prices for returning EV drivers.

Unlock New Revenue Streams: Draw new customers to your business as EV drivers within the network seek out charger locations. Become a 'destination charger' site as drivers actively knit your location into their day-to-day lives.

Maintain Seamless And Scalable Operations: Simplify charging station management and use remote monitoring to track usage patterns and identify peak charging times. Access charging data to optimise station placement and ensure sufficient capacity for future needs.

Future-Proof Your Business: Invest in networked charging infrastructure today to prepare your business for the future. You’ll not only be positioned as a leader in sustainability but also well-equipped to cater to the evolving needs of your customers.


Networked EV charging isn’t just about providing a service – it’s about creating a strategic advantage.

Consider partnering with a charging expert such as ChargePoint to implement flexible, reliable and future-ready solutions that include installation, maintenance and network management services to reduce the burden on your internal teams.

You’ll be able to navigate the complexities of EV charging infrastructure while reaping the rewards of attracting new customers, boosting loyalty and preparing your business for a sustainable tomorrow. To learn more, visit

This article was written in partnership with ChargePoint.

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