Creating Better Producer-To-Consumer Outcomes With TELUS

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Creating Better Producer-To-Consumer Outcomes With TELUS

By delivering digital solutions and actionable data insights that connect global supply chains, TELUS is improving the safety, quality and sustainability of food and consumer goods.

There are inefficiencies in the way that we produce, distribute and consume food and consumer goods globally.

Annually, 14% of the world’s food is lost between harvest and retail, at an estimated cost of $400 billion (FAO, 2019).

Our food and consumer goods value chain is fragmented, with 73% of FMCGs noting that their data quality is average, at best, and is still not optimised (POI, 2022).

A siloed approach to tech solutions doesn’t address the needs of the entire value chain, and this is why we’re seeing many of the mounting issues today, with inventory backlog and supply shortage.


The opportunity to leverage data insights and innovative technology to connect and improve complex supply chains has never been greater.

That’s where TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods comes in.

“Our solutions and data insights can help to address inefficiencies and move goods through supply chains with more accuracy, efficiency and profit – to get the right products to shelf, at the right time and at the right price, creating more sustainable production and consumption outcomes,” said Paul Wietecha, Global Head, TELUS Consumer Goods.

Helping Connect Global Supply Chains With Data

TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is helping connect global supply chains, from seed growers to food and consumer goods retailers, and enabling them to make sound, agile, data-driven business decisions to minimise costs and waste. It is doing this by providing data insights and integrated digital solutions.


Through software that uses AI and machine learning, it can generate more accurate demand forecasts, as well as improve real-time retail planning and execution, making value chain participants more predictive and prospective.

In the agribusiness space, its solutions for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, farm advisors and food processors enable greater data insights that improve operations, business growth, and customer experience.

On the animal agriculture side, it focuses on helping cattle producers and feedlots produce more beef efficiently while ensuring that the animals are in optimal health, backed by its data solutions, research, and team of expert consultants and veterinarians.

On the consumer goods side, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is the third-largest trade promotion management provider, globally, serving 70 of the world’s 100 largest consumer goods suppliers.


It is revolutionising how consumer packaged-goods companies plan, execute and analyse their strategies in the market.

Its software solutions streamline the complex process of retail management by providing a comprehensive platform to manage various aspects of product distribution, sales, and promotional campaigns.

“One of our key strengths is our data-driven approach, allowing businesses to collect real-time data from various touchpoints,” Wietecha stated.

“This data can then be analysed to gain insights into consumer behaviour, market trends, and the effectiveness of promotional initiatives. With such insights, companies can make informed decisions to enhance their retail strategies and adapt to changing market dynamics.”


Enabling Consumer Goods Companies

TELUS’ Retail Execution and Trade Promotion Management software solutions are vital tools for companies seeking to optimise their retail operations, enhance collaboration between different departments, and drive overall growth. For example, TELUS Trade Promotion Management helped a foodservice manufacturer optimise its distributor rebate programme, saving $300,000 annually.

TELUS Retail Execution offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to enhance every facet of retail operations. It empowers businesses to efficiently manage tasks such as shelf-stocking, product displays and inventory replenishment, ensuring consistent and appealing in-store experiences.

Its software facilitates real-time communication between field teams and headquarters, streamlining the flow of information. It also provides analytics to assess store-level performance for better data-driven decision-making.

With features like mobile data collection and image recognition, retail execution software optimises resource allocation, boosts productivity, and ensures brand compliance across diverse retail outlets.

In addition, its TELUS Trade Promotion Management software capabilities empower companies to design, implement and evaluate promotional activities with precision. Using historical data and market insights, it enables businesses to design, simulate and fine-tune promotional campaigns.

The software facilitates budget allocation, forecast accuracy, and promotion-tracking, to optimise ROI.

It allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, ensuring that campaigns are executed smoothly across channels. Real-time analytics allow for performance assessment and prompt adjustments.

“By providing actionable insights, our trade promotion management software enhances decision-making, aligns promotional efforts with business goals, and maximises the impact of marketing investments,” Wietecha adds.

A Vision To Connect The Global Supply Chain

To enable its vision, TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods has acquired nine trusted, experienced companies whose leading expertise spans the entire value chain, from seed to table.

Through strategic acquisitions over the past five years, it has brought together a global team with experience at every stage of the supply chain, serving customers in over 50 countries.

Today, its solutions help customers – from manufacturers to retailers – drive better profitability, efficiency, visibility and sustainability, but its greatest opportunity is further connecting its solutions and driving deeper collaboration and optimisation across the industry.

TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods’ goal is to enable a multi-partner ecosystem to organise disparate data sources, multiple systems, and various interconnected food traceability platforms.

It aims to provide solutions to enable efficient cross-value chain collaboration and a better flow of information across its agriculture, food, and consumer goods continuum.

To learn more about how TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods is enabling businesses to make informed decisions driving profitable growth, visit www.

This article was written in partnership with TELUS Consumer Goods.

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