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Full Automation In Food Retail With RUNPICK From KNAPP

Published on May 13 2021 11:39 AM in Supply Chain tagged: Food Retail / KNAPP / Automation / RUNPICK

KNAPP’s innovative Robotic Universal Picker – RUNPICK for short – has been specially developed for the food retail sector, taking store delivery to a whole new level.

RUNPICK processes and palletises large handling units for brick and mortar food retail fully automatically. Compared to existing systems, performance is significantly higher, thanks to the system’s work process and function.

The challenges in the food retail sector are manifold: shortened delivery intervals and faster order completion, different store structures, labour shortage, and physical strain.

KNAPP’s RUNPICK, a system specially designed for the food retail sector, provides solutions for these challenges.

The robot picks and palletises large handling units of fast-, medium- and slow-moving fresh and shelf-stable goods.

It builds mixed pallets and roll containers and is well-suited for supplying stores with different structures.

Higher-Performance System

KNAPP is setting new standards in store delivery with RUNPICK. The robot’s primary advantage over existing systems is its substantially increased performance.

The system handles a variety of packaging types and processes them using multiple-item picking.

Within a single cycle of movement, the robot moves and deposits several items simultaneously, thereby increasing performance.

The key to building mixed layers on the load carrier is to combine the items in a smart way.

The groups of items for multiple-item picking can comprise the same handling units or different unit types.

RUNPICK can place several handling units on the target load carrier at the same time.

Store-Specific Picking


The stores receiving the goods differ in size, location and layout.

RUNPICK meets a store-friendly delivery, customer-specific sequence of items, and packing parameters with its intelligent packing algorithm, selectable picking criteria, and its ability to pack different types of pack units.

This way, the system creates order pallets that are perfectly tailored to each store.

Smart Combination Of Technologies

The software and interplay of all components are essential in this solution. The OSR Shuttle™ Evo by KNAPP, as the central storage and picking system, stores the handling units and retrieves them in the ideal sequence.

The optimal stacking pattern is already calculated beforehand to ensure that the items are conveyed to the robot in the right sequence for stacking.

Thanks to KiSoft Pack Master, KNAPP’s software for calculating packing parameters, RUNPICK knows precisely where to place each item on the pallet or in the roll container – in the perfect sequence for each store.

Solutions, including RUNPICK, comprise a combination of KNAPP’s OSR Shuttle™ Evo, the KiSoft Pack Master, and the picking and palletising system.

RUNPICK can be integrated into conventional solutions for delivery to stores as well as in omnichannel models.

The first distribution centre to include KNAPP’s RUNPICK solution will commence operation in the US this summer.

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