Aerofoil Energy Offers F1 Racing Technology To Drive Huge Savings In Stores Aisles

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Aerofoil Energy Offers F1 Racing Technology To Drive Huge Savings In Stores Aisles

With its origins in Formula 1 racing, Aerofoil Energy’s technology has transformed refrigeration for retailers across the UK, enabling them to save energy and improve the quality and shelf-life of chilled food. 

The business is now setting its sights on Europe, and ESM caught up with Paul McAndrew, Founder and Technical Director, to learn more.

ESM: Aerofoil Energy is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the retail space. What is the company’s story so far?

Paul McAndrew: We began with an idea in 2013 to use aerofoil-shaped ticket strips to reduce energy consumption in supermarket refrigeration and, in partnership with the Williams Formula-1 team, we used advanced aerodynamic principles from elite racing to test and refine the Aerofoil product for use in refrigeration.

Our mission is to drive innovation in supermarket refrigeration, as evidenced by our engagement with the world’s biggest retailers. Over the last five years, we have implemented our energy-saving Aerofoils in over 8,000 stores across the world, including in all the leading UK grocery chains.


With retailers proactively seeking to address their ESG goals, and given increasingly stringent regulations concerning food waste and carbon emissions, Aerofoils are helping them meet their objectives.

What is the ‘Aerofoil’ and what problem is it solving?

Aerofoils are wing-shaped ticket rails, which replace the existing ticket rails on the front of shelves in display fridge cabinets, whether open-fronted units or units with doors. In display fridges, a cold ‘air curtain’ is blown down in front of the shelves to maintain the contents at a consistent target temperature.

However, in open-fronted cabinets or when shoppers or staff open fridge doors, this cold air spills out in huge volumes, which is extremely wasteful and leads to warming of food products.


The sheer frequency with which doors are opened in an actual store environment amplifies this problem. Installing Aerofoils on the shelves redirects this cold air curtain back into the cabinet, preventing it from escaping.

What sort of savings are achievable by using Aerofoil technology?

By eliminating cold air spill, the Aerofoils result in significantly better food product temperatures, less food waste, and reduced energy costs. Our clients see the benefits particularly in categories such as fresh meat and fish and bagged leaf salads, which look better and last longer with Aerofoils.

Extensive laboratory tests show average energy savings of 31% and significantly improved food temperatures. The other great feature of Aerofoils is that they are entirely passive.


They function as a price label holder, they don’t need any additional maintenance or cleaning, and they won’t break. That’s why they’ve been so popular with our UK and international clients.

Aerofoil Energy continues to drive innovation in supermarket refrigeration with its ongoing technology program, working with the world’s leading retailers to reduce their food waste and carbon footprint.

To find out more, contact Katrien Hermans, European Strategy Director, Aerofoil Energy, at [email protected], or log on to

This article was written in partnership with Aerofoil Energy.

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