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Top 20 Most Popular Personal Care Brands In Europe

By Steve Wynne-Jones
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The recent Kantar Brand Footprint report showcased the most-chosen grocery brands across Europe, based on their Consumer Reach Points (CRP), penetration, and frequency.

Building on from that, in this article, we explore the top 20 most popular personal care brands in Europe, as outlined by Kantar's Brand Footprint data for 2022.

The Top 20 Personal Care Brands In Europe: Kantar

2022 Rank Brand CRP (M) Pen 2022 Frequency 2022
1 Nivea 492.0 52.3 4.6
2 Colgate 327.0 43.4 3.7
3 Dove 256.0 33.4 3.7
4 Always 178.0 20.0 4.3
5 Garnier 176.0 28.3 3.0
6 Oral-B 139.0 25.9 2.6
7 Gillette 122.0 25.0 2.4
8 L'Oreal Paris 120.0 19.3 3.0
9 Sensodyne 113.0 17.6 3.1
10 Elvive/Elseve 109.0 17.3 3.0
11 Palmolive 97.0 19.3 2.4
12 Pantene 85.0 13.7 3.0
13 Pampers 81.0 7.4 5.3
14 Listerine 80.0 12.7 3.1
15 Head & Shoulders 79.0 16.3 2.4
16 Kleenex 79.0 9.6 4.0
17 Signal 78.0 13.4 2.8
18 Elmex 72.0 11.5 3.0
19 Axe 70.0 11.2 3.0
20 Fa 65.0 12.0 2.6

1. Nivea

Claiming the top spot with a CRP of 492 million, Beiersdorf-owned Nivea is a well-known and trusted brand in skincare and personal hygiene.

2. Colgate

A leader in oral care, toothpaste brand Colgate secures second position with a CRP of 327 million.

3. Dove

Renowned for its skincare, body wash, and hair care products, Unilever-owned Dove ranks third with a CRP of 256 million.


4. Always

Specialising in feminine hygiene products, Always claims fourth spot with a CRP of 178 million.

5. Garnier

Known for its skincare and hair care products, Garnier secures fifth position with a CRP of 176 million.

6. Oral-B

Oral-B ranks sixth with a CRP of 139 million. A leading dental care brand, Oral-B provides a variety of toothbrushes and dental accessories to promote oral health.

7. Gillette

Procter & Gamble-owned personal grooming brand Gillette takes seventh position with a CRP of 122 million.


8. L'Oréal Paris

Specialising in cosmetics, skincare, and hair care, L'Oréal Paris claims eighth spot with a CRP of 120 million.

9. Sensodyne

A brand focusing on sensitive teeth care, Sensodyne secures ninth position with a CRP of 113 million.

10. Elvive

Hair care brand Elvive, known as Elseve in some regions, ranks tenth with a CRP of 109 million.

10. Palmolive

Known for its shower gels and personal care products, Palmolive claims eleventh position with a CRP of 97 million.


12. Pantene

Specialising in hair care and shampoos, Pantene secures the twelfth spot with a CRP of 85 million.

13. Pampers

Pampers is the leading baby care brand on the list, with the Procter & Gamble brand ranking thirteenth with a CRP of 81 million.

14. Listerine

Known for its oral health products, Listerine claims fourteenth position with a CRP of 80 million.

15. Head & Shoulders

Dandruff control and hair care brand Head & Shoulders secures fifteenth position with a CRP of 79 million.


16. Kleenex

Known for its tissue and paper products, Kimberly-Clark-owned brand Kleenex ranks sixteenth with a CRP of 79 million.

17. Signal

Unilever-owned oral care brand Signal takes seventeenth spot with a CRP of 78 million.

18. Elmex

Elmex, a dental care brand owned by Colgate-Palmolive, claims eighteenth position with a CRP of 72 million.

19. Axe

Also known as Lynx in some markets, male grooming products brand Axe secures nineteenth position with a CRP of 70 million.

20. Fa

Henkel-owned personal care brand Fa rounds off the top 20 with a CRP of 65 million.

About The Methodology

The Brand Footprint rankings reveal the brands that are winning at that ‘moment of truth’, indicating the number of times that they are chosen by shoppers. Independent of revenue, it exposes the decisions that consumers are making at the point of sale. The consumer reach points (CRPs) of each brand are calculated by multiplying three metrics: the household population, penetration, and consumer choice. CRPs are Kantar’s measure of ranking the most successful brands by the number of times that they are chosen by consumers throughout the year.

Note that all CRP figures shown measure millions of consumer reach points – i.e. a CRP of 150 would indicate 150 million consumer reach points.

For the complete list of most-chosen brands across Europe, log on to

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