Majority Of UK Supermarket Shoppers Would Vote Labour In General Election: Study

By Steve Wynne-Jones
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Majority Of UK Supermarket Shoppers Would Vote Labour In General Election: Study

With the UK general election less than a month away, GlobalData has surveyed the voting intentions of shoppers based on their primary supermarket choice, with Labour coming out on top in most cases.

Some 41.5% of shoppers at Tesco would vote Labour, compared to 24.8% for the Conservatives, while at Sainsbury's, 39.9% of shoppers plan to vote Labour, compared to 26.6% for the Conservatives.

At Asda, 41.5% of shoppers intend to vote Labour, compared to 20.3% that would vote Conservative, while at Morrisons, the ratio is 40% to 26% in favour of Labour.

Shoppers at the discounters are similarly planning to vote Labour, with 44.1% of Aldi shoppers and 45.1% of Lidl shoppers opting for the party, compared to 21.3% and 21.2%, respectively, that plan to vote Conservative.

A Landslide Victory?

“If supermarkets were seats, Labour would be on course for a landslide victory, according to our supermarket election poll," commented Zoe Mills, lead retail analyst at GlobalData.


Waitrose shoppers are the only individuals to lean Conservative out of all supermarkets surveyed, with 29.6% planning to vote for PM Rishi Sunak's party, compared to 28.4% for Labour.

The differential is also relatively tight at Marks & Spencer, at 31.8% to 27.9%, however here too, Labour comes out on top.

Best Of The Rest

In terms of the other parties contesting the general election, the Reform UK party scores highest among Co-op shoppers, garnering 23.2% support (in contrast, the party appeals to just 9.1% of Ocado shoppers).

The Liberal Democrats score highest among Waitrose shoppers (14.9%), while the Green Party performs best among M&S shoppers (8.3%).


"When we asked the same questions during the 2019 general election campaign, Conservatives held sway in all supermarkets except Asda and the Co-op, having enticed Morrisons’ shoppers to vote blue and holding onto both Aldi and Lidl, which had previously been Labour in our pre-2017 election polls," commented Mills.

“While supermarket owners are generally not shy of sharing their political allegiances, especially in the run-up to elections, they should be mindful of the political make-up of their customers, lest they alienate significant numbers of them.”

All findings are based on a nationally representative survey of 3,177 UK consumers completed between 1 April 2024 and 12 May 2024. The UK general election takes place on 4 July.

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