European Private Label Awards 2020: Winners Announced

By Steve Wynne-Jones
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European Private Label Awards 2020: Winners Announced

REWE Group, Lidl, Conad, Dunnes Stores, SPAR, Coop Trading, Migros Ticaret and Salling Group have been named as category winners in the 2020 European Private Label Awards, organised by ESM: European Supermarket Magazine.

Dunnes Stores, Lidl Denmark and SPAR Netherlands were all double winners in this year’s competition, with Dunnes Stores winning the Convenience Foods and Free-From Foods categories; Lidl Denmark the pick of the crop in the Meat & Seafood and Dairy Products categories; and SPAR Netherlands taking the Beverages (Alcoholic) and Confectionery & Snacking categories.

Elsewhere, REWE Group was named the winner of the Ambient Grocery category, Turkish retailer Migros Ticaret won the Beverages (Non-Alcoholic) category, Conad was named the winner of the Frozen Food category, Coop Trading took the spoils in the Non-Food: Household category, and Salling Group was a winner in the Non-Food: Personal Care category.

"Private label is increasingly being seen as a benchmark-setter in European retail, and the winners in this year's European Private Label Awards are certainly not short on innovation," said Stephen Wynne-Jones, editor, ESM: European Supermarket Magazine. "ESM would like to heartily congratulate all the winners and finalists in this year's competition."

A full list of winners can be found below. For further details, please contact Stephen Wynne-Jones, editor, ESM: European Supermarket Magazine at [email protected].



This year's competition welcomed more entrants than in any previous hosting of the Awards, with leading grocery operators in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, the UK and Portugal named among the 44 finalists. There were 11 categories in total.

The judging for the Awards took place late last year in Dublin, and ESM would like to extend its gratitude to the esteemed team of judges for assisting with his process. More information on the judging process can be found by clicking here.

ESM would also like to thank Cold Move for their logistics support, and Cooks Academy for hosting the judging sessions.

Finally, ESM has teamed up with Trace One to offer a special prize to all winners and finalists of this year’s European Private Label Awards. All winners and finalists (both retailers and suppliers) can avail of access to Trace One Marketplace, and build new connections across the industry.


With its Marketplace, Trace One aims to connect retail buyers of all sizes with suppliers around the world, to develop innovative products in line with consumer trends. For more information, visit




Product: REWE Beste Wahl ‘RespEGGt’ Freilandeier
Retailer: REWE Group (Germany)
Supplier(s): Eifrisch-Vermarktung GmbH & Co. KG

Developed in association with Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the RespEGGt brand was developed to reduce the amount of male chicks that are killed immediately after hatching, which equates to around 45 million per year. The eggs are produced using a special method that determines the sex of chicks directly in the brood egg.


Behind every successful product is a good story, and the judges believed that the REWE Beste Wahl ‘RespEGGt’ Freilandeier “communicated its credentials well”, as well as meeting consumer demand for “ethical products at a competitive price”. While they noted that the packaging was somewhat cluttered, this did not take away from what was a “well-positioned” product.


Product: Sapori & Dintorni Pasta Fresca Range
Retailer: Conad Sapori & Dintorni (Italy)
Supplier(s): Bertagni 1882 S.p.A.

Product: Belbake Gingerbread House Baking Mix
Retailer: Lidl Netherlands
Supplier(s): Smilde Home Baking


Product: Simply Better Italian Fresh Egg Pappardelle
Retailer: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)
Supplier(s): Gruppo Milo Srl



Product: SPAR W.I.P.A.
Retailer: SPAR Holding B.V. (the Netherlands)
Supplier(s): Brouwerij’t Meuleneind

Following on from the successful Tripel with Pine, SPAR Netherlands has launched another specialty beer – W.I.P.A. – which combines fresh white beer (W) with a white Indian pale ale (IPA), as well as featuring a hint of pine.

SPAR W.I.P.A. was hailed by the judges as a “really interesting innovation” packaged in an “attractive bottle”. IPA is a category that is “coming up fast”, and SPAR has successfully tapped into this trend while putting a unique spin on it. The judges also noted the beer’s “fresh, light taste.”


Product: WH Lemon Twist 2.5% ABV
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): TeeDawn ApS

Product: Zünftler Alter Pflaumenbrand
4 Jahre 40% Vol.
Retailer: Lidl Germany
Supplier(s): Bimmerle KG

Product: Deluxe Julegløgg med
Jamaica Rum Ready Mixed
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): Taster Wine A/S



Product: M Life Bio Organic Juice Açaí Mix
Retailer: Migros Ticaret A.Ş. (Turkey)
Supplier(s): Elite Naturel Organik Gida San. ve Tic A.S.

M Life Bio organic juices are among the best-selling products in the M Life range, which includes more than 50 SKUs aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The overall M Life health concept that supports the brand was praised by the judges, as it makes it clear for “consumers to make healthier choices”. The product itself boasted a “great, fresh taste”, and the natural fruit positioning was also well communicated.


Product: REWE to go Ruby Smoothie
Retailer: REWE Group (Germany)
Supplier(s): AMC Deutschland GmbH

Product: WH Organic Elderflower Cordial
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): Royal Unibrew A/S

Product: The Energy Drink
Retailer: Action (Netherlands)
Supplier(s): Action, Yellow Dress Retail



Product: SPAR Chip & Dip
Retailer: SPAR Holding B.V. (the Netherlands)
Supplier(s): Enrico

A sharing concept that does away with the need to have a bowl – just open the bag and enjoy. Ideal for picnics, on the beach, or just with friends. The range encourages mixing and matching, to create different flavour combinations – for example, the garlic parsley chip and the bell pepper dip. Competitively priced at €1.29 for the chips and €1.59 for the dip.

The judges “loved” the Chip & Dip concept, while the design of the bag and materials used also came in for praise. The product “pushes the possibilities” within the snack market, as one judge put it. “Top marks for SPAR!” said another.


Product: SPAR Natural Chocolate Bars
Retailer: SPAR International
Supplier(s): Maestrani

Product: REWE Bio Schoko Brezel Snack
Retailer: REWE Group (Germany)
Supplier(s): Minderleinsmühle
GmbH & Co. KG

Product: Premieur Madeira Marzipan Bites
Retailer: Salling Group (Denmark)
Supplier(s): Schluckwerder GmbH



Product: Dunnes Stores Harissa Butternut Squash
Retailer: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)
Supplier(s): Wonderfoods

Launched in September of last year, this is a convenient, ready-to-cook side dish comprising butternut squash and red onion wedges, fresh coriander, and a pot of harissa marinade.

Described as a “great idea” that was “well executed”, the judges said that this product was “very convenient, but also very healthy,” which is not always the case with this category. In addition, the marinade gave the product a “nice flavour kick”.


Product: Deluxe Sourdough Oval Half & Half Pizza
Retailer: Lidl UK
Supplier(s): Crust & Crumb Bakery Ltd

Product: SPAR Mini Corn Cakes
Retailer: SPAR International
Supplier(s): Fiorentini

Product: Quinoa, Spinach and Chicken Bowl, Bulgur with Shrimp and Ginger
Retailer: Sonae MC (Portugal)
Supplier(s): Vegetales Línea Verde Navarra (Quinoa), Receitas D’Avó (Bulgur)



Product: WH Blue Cheese Selection
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): Bornholms Andelsmejeri

Developed in association with Michelin-starred chef Wassim Hallal, of Restaurant Frederikshøj, in Aarhus, this is a mixed cheese package, with both Mycella and Danablu variants ­– mild and creamy, with the mould providing a familiar, sharp taste.

The “clever approach” of packaging two flavoursome cheeses in the same pack was noted by the judges, as well as the “luxury positioning” and “competitive price” of the product. As they mentioned, it is a step above from what you might generally expect from a discounter.


Product: Auchan Fairtrade Milk
Retailer: Auchan (France)
Supplier(s): LSDH

Product: Skyr Liquid Yoghurts
Retailer: Sonae MC (Portugal)
Supplier(s): Schreiber Foods Portugal, S.A.

Product: Dunnes Stores Smooth and Delicate Buffalo Ricotta
Retailer: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)
Supplier(s): Macroom Buffalo Cheese Ltd



Product: Dunnes Stores Gluten-Free Grains Yogurts
Retailer: Dunnes Stores (Ireland)
Supplier(s): Irish Yogurts

Dunnes Stores Gluten-Free Grains Yogurts are packed with goodness and developed using only the finest natural ingredients. Irish Yogurts is a family-owned business based in Clonakilty, Co. Cork, an area renowned for its high-quality dairy products.

Described as a “high-quality” product with a “good, rich texture,” Dunnes Stores Gluten-Free Grains Yogurts’ packaging is “sleek” and communicates the clean-label qualities of the product, according to the judges.


Product: Freshona – Beans in a Bag
Retailer: Lidl Netherlands
Supplier(s): Four Seasons

Product: Naturgut Bio Dattelriegel Erdnuss & Meersalz
Retailer: REWE Group
Supplier(s): DE-VAU-GE Gesundkostwerk Deutschland GmbH

Product: NAT&vie Organic Plant-Based Drinks
Retailer: E.Leclerc
Supplier(s): LSDH



Product: Gelato al Fiordilatte, Gelato alla Nocciola, Gelato al Pistacchio, Gelato al Cioccolato
Retailer: Conad (Italy)
Supplier(s): G7 S.r.l.

Conad’s range of authentic Italian ice cream is made from fresh whole milk, without additives, flavourings or colourings, making for an indulgent taste. The range includes fiordilatte (semi-soft fresh cheese in the style of mozzarella), hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate varieties, packaged in high-quality screw-cap tubs.

“Delicious” and “luxurious” were two of the epithets used to describe Conad’s range of ice creams, while the screw-on lid was also singled out for particular praise. “The best ice cream in the competition,” as one judge put it.


Product: Delhaize BIO Groentesoep
Retailer: Delhaize (Belgium)
Supplier(s): Greenyard Frozen Belgium N.V.

Product: Deluxe Fish Specialities in Puff Pastry
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): Espersen

Product: Änglamark Salted Caramel Ice Cream Tub
Retailer: Coop Trading (Denmark)
Supplier(s): De IJshoeve B. V.



Product: Deluxe Tomahawk Steak
Retailer: Lidl Denmark
Supplier(s): Skare Meat Packers

The Lidl Deluxe tomahawk steak comes from the front rib of beef cattle and consists of the entire rib bone, as well as meat that is matured for at least 14 days. Its eye-catching presentation makes it stand out on shelf.

The visual impact of the product certainly caught the eye of the judges ­– “Pure theatre,” as one put it ­– but Lidl Denmark’s Deluxe Tomahawk Steak was also praised for its succulent flavour. “Very special presentation, at a good price” was the general verdict for this “special” product.


Product: Carpacci di Mare
Retailer: Conad (Italy)
Supplier(s): Prinz Gourmetline S.r.l.

Product: Flamm-Lachs Skandinavisch
Retailer: REWE Group (Germany)
Supplier(s): Krone GmbH

Product: Kipster Smoked Sausage
Retailer: Lidl Netherlands
Supplier(s): Kipster



Product: Änglamark Laundry Detergent Range
Retailer: Coop Trading (Denmark)
Supplier(s): Nopa Nordic A/S

Coop Trading’s Änglamark Colour liquid detergent has been developed in collaboration with Nopa Nordic and Novozymes, and contains six special and efficient enzymes. Änglamark Colour Liquid Detergent was voted ‘Best in Test’ by Forbrugerrådet Tænk, in Denmark.

The “clear, easy-to-use” packaging was praised by the judges, as well as the “simple, clean” branding and “allergy-appropriate” composition. The product was also acknowledged for “enabling consumers to make more sustainable choices”.


Product: Waves Range
Retailer: Salling Group (Denmark)
Supplier(s): Nopa Nordic A/S

Product: Garbage Bags 30L Circular Economy
Retailer: Sonae (Portugal)
Supplier(s): Fapil

Product: ICA Skona Grön Såpa
Retailer: ICA (Sweden)
Supplier(s): Nopa Nordic A/S



Product: lovena Cotton Buds
Retailer: Salling Group (Denmark)
Supplier(s): Zhejiang Kangmin Medical and Health

Salling Group’s new Iovena Cotton Buds feature sticks made from sustainable bamboo. In addition, the box in which these cotton buds are packaged is FSC certified and made with 100% recycled materials.

Salling Group’s efforts to reduce single-use plastic were acknowledged, with the judges describing the product as a “novel, forward-thinking initiative.” They also praised the “simple, sleek” packaging.


Product: Conad Essentiae Skincare Range
Retailer: Conad (Italy)
Supplier(s): Coind S.C.

Product: Wel! Mini Erfrischungstuch 10 Stück
Retailer: Coop Switzerland

Product: Parafarmacia Range
Retailer: Conad (Italy)
Supplier(s): Equilibra S.r.l.


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