Top 10 Supermarket Retail Chains In The Netherlands

By Robert McHugh
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Top 10 Supermarket Retail Chains In The Netherlands

While the political situation following last year's controversial elections in the Netherlands has been resolved with Dick Schoof's appointment as prime minister and Geert Wilders' far-right PVV as the largest party, the economic outlook remains muted.

In May 2024, the economic outlook in the Netherlands was more negative than in the previous month, according to the CBS Business Cycle Tracker from Statistics Netherlands (CBS). It found that 11 of the 13 indicators performed worse than their long-term trend. Consumers were slightly more negative in May than in April, while producers were slightly less negative. Both consumer and producer confidence are below the average of the past twenty years.

The consumer price index in June 2024 was 3.2% higher than in the same month the previous year, compared to a 2.7% increase in May. The rise in prices was driven by higher costs for tobacco, due to an increase in excise duty, and clothing, which was 1.3% more expensive than a year earlier.

In May 2024, household consumption saw a slight increase of 0.2% compared to May 2023, with households buying more services and durable goods, such as clothing. Retail turnover increased by 2.9% in May compared to May 2023, with sales volume up by 3.6%. Non-food turnover, including retail trade not in stores, grew by 4.5%, while turnover in the food sector remained the same.

A recent study found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of entrepreneurs in the Dutch retail sector are either unable or barely able to pass on cost increases to their customers. The Conjunctuurenquête Nederland (Netherlands Business Survey), conducted in collaboration with CBS, KVK, EIB, MKB-Nederland, and VNO-NCW, revealed that most Dutch entrepreneurs across all sectors expect costs to rise this year.


One in five Dutch entrepreneurs across all sectors sees price increases as the most worrying development for their business, with this figure rising to 44% in agriculture, forestry, and fishing. Tightness in the labor market and issues in transport and storage are also cited as concerning developments by entrepreneurs.

Here's an overview of the top ten supermarket retail chains in the Netherlands, according to their most recently-available full-year turnover. All data is supplied by Retail-Index.

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1. Albert Heijn
Turnover: €17.3 billion (2022)

Albert Heijn is in first place, reporting an annual turnover of €17.3 billion in 2022. The Ahold Delhaize-owned retailer operated 1,753 outlets as of 2023 and its banners include AH to Go,, Albert Heijn XL, Albert Heijn, and Gall & Gall.


Albert Heijn is the biggest grocery chain in the Netherlands.

Earlier this year, Albert Heijn said that it is poised to achieve emission-free deliveries for all customers and stores in the Netherlands and Belgium by 2030.

2. Jumbo
Turnover: €10 billion (2022)

Jumbo is in second place with an annual turnover of €10 billion recorded in 2022. It boasted a network of 695 stores as of last year.

In May, Jumbo announced it is restructuring its organisation, as it plans to focus on an improved shopping experience, a more sustainable assortment, and prices that are more competitive. The restructuring will result in a number of job losses.


Turnover: €5.5 billion (2023, estimated)

PLUS had an estimated turnover of €5.5 billion in 2023. The group operates approximately 550 stores in the Netherlands.

In February, the supervisory board of PLUS announced the appointment of Aart van Haren as the new general manager of the company, effective from 1 April. Mayte Oosterveld, who served as the company's finance director and most recently interim co-CEO, indicated that she wants to step down from the role.

4. Lidl
Turnover: €4.7 billion (2022, estimated)

Lidl had an estimated turnover of €4.7 billion in the Netherlands in 2022, and 441 stores as of 2023.

The Schwarz Group owned retailer has had a presence in the Netherlands since 1997.


Recently, Lidl was awarded for being the best retail employer in the Netherlands by the Top Employers Institute.

5. Aldi
Turnover: €3.2 billion (2022, estimated)

Aldi is in fourth place, with the discounter reporting an estimated annual turnover of €3.2 billion in 2022.

Part of the Aldi Nord group, Aldi operated 500 stores in the Netherlands as of 2023.

Aldi has been operating in the Netherlands since 1973.

6. Sligro
Turnover: €2.48 billion (2022)

Sligro recorded an annual turnover of €2.48 billion in 2022 and had 50 outlets in the Netherlands as of 2023.

Koen Slippens, grandson of the founder Abel Slippens, became CEO of Sligro Food Group in 2008.

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7. Detailresult
Turnover: €2.3 billion (2022, estimated)

Detailresult reported an estimated  annual turnover of €2.3 billion in 2022. The group had 331 stores as of 2023, and its banners include Deka Tuin, Dekamarkt, Dirk, and Dirx III Slijterijen.

The family business was created in 2008 from a merger of the two Dutch supermarket chains DekaMarkt and Dirk van den Broek.

8. Hoogvliet
Turnover: €848 million (2022)

Hoogvliet reported an annual turnover of €848 million in 2022, and had a network of 73 stores in the Netherlands as of 2023.

In March 2023, the supervisory board of Hoogvliet Supermarkets announced the appointment of Edwin de Maa as its new CEO as of 1 June 2023.

Turnover: €810 million (2022)

SPAR Netherlands reported a turnover of €810 million in 2022, and had 443 stores in the Netherlands as of 2023.

Its banners include SPAR City, SPAR Express, SPAR enjoy, SPAR University and SPAR.

In March, SPAR announced it was extending its collaboration with EG Group (Euro Garages) in the Netherlands. The partners seek to leverage each other’s strengths and expertise to develop a ‘future-proof’ proposition.

10. Makro
Turnover: €800 million (2022, estimated)

Wholesaler Makro C&C recorded a turnover of €800 million in 2022. It had 17 outlets in the Netherlands as of 2024.

The Dutch brand and has been a full-service wholesaler in the Netherlands for more than 50 years, and opened a new central delivery depot in the country last year.

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